Sheet Metal Fabrication Requires Precision

CNC machine operator checking finished product with a caliper

Sheet metal fabrication is the most frequently used metal manufacturing process in current practice. Countless industries are heavily reliant on sheet metal fabrication. BERMO Inc. is a vertically integrated Minneapolis, Minnesota contract manufacturer specializing in quality custom metal fabrication.

Sheet metal fabrication is a critical part of the many new products we’ve seen in fields like aerospace, agriculture, automobiles, construction, electronics, medical equipment, food service equipment, storage, and more. Just about every industry relies on some form of sheet metal fabrication.

BERMO’s goal is to deliver quality custom metal fabrication on time and at a cost that benefits our customer’s bottom line. Learn More.

Common Products Produced From Sheet Metal Fabrication Include:

  • Automotive components, fenders, and hoods
  • Metal faceplates for consumer electronics
  • Agricultural equipment components
  • Construction equipment parts
  • Components in MRI and scanning equipment
  • Medical device components and parts
  • HVAC hoods, vents, and components
  • ATV, UTV, and Golf Cart parts
  • Truck, tractor, and trailer parts
  • Generator components and panels

Steel or aluminum sheets stacked for use in sheet metal fabrication

Why Do We Use Quality Sheet Metal?

Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel are melted and rolled into metal sheets. These sheets can then be stamped, laser-cut, bent, and welded into the client’s specific required shape.

Modern machinery must be able to stand up to heat and wear in all types of conditions. In order for parts and products to be durable and perform correctly, you need to use the specific metal for the application. It’s essential to use a reliable supplier for conforming sheet metal for the application. 

Steel is often used because of its strength and lower cost, and it is easier than other materials to fabricate into a specific shape. 

Stainless steel is an excellent metal for use in hygienic environments due to its strength and corrosion-resistant surface.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

With so many different processes involved, sheet metal fabrication has evolved to become a specialized skill requiring experienced craftsmen. OEMs require extreme precision and quality custom metal fabrication from the companies with whom they partner. 

Most fabrication shops use automated machines. Such machines are programmed to perform specific tasks and achieve the exact specifications required to manufacture many sheet metal-based products. Automated sheet metal fabrication machines are valued for their precision and ability to reduce the cost of labor. 

Automation is reliant on precise programming, which is essential for maximizing results. Skilled Programmers convert engineered drawings into a language understood by sheet metal processing machines. 

The language creates a repeated pattern, which is the path the processing machine will follow. The path is crucial in maximizing raw material use, which significantly impacts efficiency and cost.

Close up control panel of high precision CNC machine used for sheet metal fabrication

Precise Machine Programming Is Essential

At BERMO, our highly skilled machine programmers work to optimize the processing of components. We strive to reduce waste while ensuring processing is as fast as possible. Programming is the first stage of the sheet metal fabrication process.

Our employees work with skilled programmers and craftsmen that understand that mistakes at this stage can cause:

  • Costly material to be wasted
  • Parts manufactured incorrectly
  • Damage to expensive machinery 

If a part isn’t an exact match, the entire system or product could break down or fail while in use. 

Parts are then optimized using stamping, laser cutting, forming, turret punching, machining, and welding while meeting required specifications. These automated machines are well-regarded for making customized processes more manageable than ever before.

Sheet metal stamped parts for automotive manufacturing

BERMO’s Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

Stamping uses a punch and die to form metal shapes. Stamping includes cutting, piercing, and forming simple to complex parts in one single operation. BERMO specializes in metal stamping with eighteen stamping presses that go up to 600 tons of stamping power.

Laser Cutting is a heated cutting process done with a laser torch or CNC laser cutting machine that cuts a shape or design to the client’s specifications. Laser cutting is an accurate sheet metal cutting method. Lasers follow a pre-programmed design and cut through metal material quickly. Laser cutting is a clean, precise, and accurate method of part cutting. 

Turret Punching cuts perforated lines and holes or forms such as number stamps, ribs, louvers, or countersinks in a component. The turret applies high pressure to a tool punch which then indents the metal or sheers through it. Our Turret Punch uses a hydraulically powered device to follow a programmed design without losing accuracy or quality.

Press Brake Forming and Bending is a CNC machine bending metal to shape into the desired angle or specification. A CNC Press Brake forms a part by placing the blank part in the press tools using a tool above and a die below. The Press Brake applies pressure to achieve the required angle or radius. The equipment available at BERMO handles this process with accuracy, reliability, and speed to mold a high-quality metal shape.

Machining is the process of removing metal from a solid piece to achieve the desired shape by turning, drilling, or milling. Lathes and Wire EMD Machines are also used to produce complex precision shapes at high throughput rates.

Welding applies extreme heat to separate pieces of metal by melting and fusing them. There are manual and automated techniques, including MIG, TIG, Spot, and Robotic welding.

Assembly is dependent on the end product’s level of complexity. It can be a simple assembly or require screws, nuts, PEMs, Haeger hardware, or other fastening hardware to securely hold the product together. We arrange for painting or finishing of the product. After the final quality inspection, we’ll package it for shipping.

The best sheet metal fabrication company will:

  • Keep up with the latest trends
  • Invest in the right equipment
  • Hire highly skilled people. 

We are that company! At BERMO Inc., our 70 years of experience and integrated service allow us to manage your project precisely and efficiently from beginning to end.

Rolls of sheet metal on industrial equipment for use in sheet metal fabrication

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

  • Punch Press Stamping 
  • AMADA Laser Cutting
  • AMADA Turret Press Punching
  • CINCINNATI Press Brake Forming
  • TIG, MIG, and Plasma Welding
  • Robotic, Spot, and Hand Welding
  • Machining, Wire EDM, and Lathe Centers
  • Finishing, Hand Assembly, and Shipping

Our advanced systems offer prototyping and complete high-quality custom sheet metal fabrication from RFQ to shipping. Request a free quote and ask how BERMO, Inc. can partner with you to achieve your production goals. 


With everything under one roof, BERMO Inc. is the choice for high-quality parts.

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