Quality Control

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Quality At Its Finest

BERMO Inc. has an outstanding quality department full of highly-experienced inspectors and quality engineers. BERMO’s team of quality professionals ensures the parts correctly meet the customer’s requirements. Our goal is to produce parts with a “first time right” mentality.
  • Pre-production includes a customer approval process and thorough inspection and buy-off procedures.
  • During production, every part is routinely inspected with BERMO’s S2I2 inspection software.
  • Post-production quality control consists of a final review.
In compliance with ISO:2015 guidelines, we maintain a fully-detailed Quality Manual that acts as a blueprint for our operation. We also offer FAI/FAIR and PPAP Quality Reporting.
glass plated laser scanner

Our Quality Control Equipment Includes

  • 4 CMMs
  • Virtek
  • Faroarm
  • Rockwell Tester

The BERMO Inc. Advantage

BERMO Inc. is the choice for high-quality parts. Our continuous improvement practices enable us to find ways to optimize processes that save time, resources, and money.

  • Customer-focused practices.
  • A deep commitment to design and process improvement.
  • A well-equipped, 285,000 square foot facility.
  • Two production shifts.
  • 65 years of experience.


BERMO Inc. is the choice for high-quality parts. We are committed to saving our customers time, resources, and money.

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