Laser Cutting & Turret Punching

man working with large red laser cutting machines

AMADA Laser Cutting and Turret Punching 

BERMO Inc.’s AMADA lasers cut steel and aluminum quickly and efficiently. Come and see our six 4,000- to 6,000-watt lasers and experience high-quality laser cutting in person.

We regularly cut up to one-inch thick material.

We also have 2 AMADA turret punch presses that rapidly cut light-gauge material into the desired parts.

Why Do We Use AMADA Lasers?

BERMO’s AMADA laser cutting systems:

  • Utilize advances in laser manufacturing technology.
  • Enables the customer to maximize their productivity and profitability.
  • Allows for high cutting speeds and the flexibility to process a wide range of materials like steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and other materials.

Laser cutting offers an excellent alternative when stamping is not a fit.

Contact us for more information about our AMADA laser cutting and turret punch press capabilities.

angular metal brackets on a wire tray
large metal stamping machine

BERMO Offers Engineering Metal Solutions

BERMO Inc. provides solutions for our clients’ metal manufacturing needs. 

BERMO Inc. is the choice for high-quality parts. With two production shifts and our continuous improvement practices, we are committed to optimizing processes to save our customers time, resources, and money.

We specialize in laser cutting and turret punching, in addition to:


BERMO Inc. is the choice for high-quality parts. We are committed to saving our customers time, resources, and money.

Request a free quote and find out how BERMO can help you achieve your production goals.