bermo stamping

Providing Maximum Capabilities
for Complex Metal Forming!

Bermo specializes in complex metal forming. With 18 presses, we offer capabilities for cutting, piercing, and forming all in a single operation.

We can handle the most simple or the most complex projects and deliver on tight deadlines according to YOUR schedule.

Our shop has bed sizes that run up to 120″ long and 60″ wide with material thicknesses of up to .25″. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products while maintaining an efficient workflow with your bottom line in mind.

Up To 600 Tons Of Stamping Power

With up to 600 tons of punching power, our stamping presses have the capability of cutting, piercing, and forming parts – all in a single operation.

  • Progressive dies to blank dies
  • Simple to complex
pile of metal corner brackets
large pile of metal c shaped brackets

BERMO‘s extensive stamping department holds eighteen presses, varying in sizes from 22 tons up to 600 tons. Our bed sizes run up to 120″ long and 60″ wide and we can run up to .25″ thick material.

Contact us for more information about our impressive stamping capabilities.

Our Stamping Equipment 

  • 18 Presses
  • Blank, Compound, and Progressive Dies
  • Press Types: Mechanical, Hydraulic, Coil Fed
  • Press Brands: Minster, Bliss
  • Prototyping to long runs
  • From 45 up to 600 tons
  • Two shifts of production

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