Design & Engineering

man working on 3D imagery on a computer screen

Design & Engineering Solutions

We want to make your product at the lowest possible cost to you.

BERMO Inc. takes design and engineering to the next level.

Every part submitted to BERMO Inc. is reviewed for hidden cost savings, and any savings our estimators find will be brought to the customer for approval.

Our design and engineering team:

  • Reviews current design and suggests enhancements while striving to reduce costs.
  • Optimizes the build process and reduces costs as possible.
  • Imports customer CAD files.
  • Utilizes SolidWorks to design required tools and fixtures.

All of our process engineers, tool designers, and programmers work together in a cross-functional team.

A Case Study In Cost-Saving Suggestions Given to Customers

BERMO once received a part that was usually hand welded. After review, BERMO Estimators suggested improving the design to be welded in a robot operation (much faster) rather than a hand weld operation. With a small improvement to the design, part production time was shortened by 75%. That part improvement enabled BERMO to pass a 20% savings to the customer each year.

The BERMO Inc. Advantage

BERMO Inc. is the choice for high-quality parts. Our continuous improvement practices enable us to find ways to optimize processes that save time, resources, and money.

  • Customer-focused practices.
  • A deep commitment to design and process improvement.
  • A well-equipped, 285,000 square foot facility.
  • Two production shifts.
  • 65 years of experience.


BERMO Inc. is the choice for high-quality parts. We are committed to saving our customers time, resources, and money.

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